2012 THX Education Program Certified Home Theater, China

記得上年當完成ISF課程後,Anthony說過好希望可以考取THX的Home Theater的認証,七月中得悉THX將會在北京開展為期三日的Home Theater 1同2課程,多得太太的支持Anthony可以到北京完成考取THX的心願。為答謝太太的支持Anthony亦決定完成THX Home Theater I的課程後便和太太多遊一次北京,THX Home Theater II只好留待下次幾會了。




THX對影像及畫面的測試光碟,當中包含大量的test pattern。

三天的課程內容是十分豐富,THX Home Theater I的課程主要是了解THX的歷史及相關理論,而Home Theater II的內容是影音系統安裝及微調的進階教學及實淺。THX HT1課程人數約六十多人,而THX HT2因為是在中國第一次舉辨,所以報讀人數比HT1更多需要分成兩班,Anthony相信THX HT2裏有更多的香港內行人士及發燒友報讀。






OPPO BDP-103/BDP-105 news from AVS

Picture courtesy Secrets of Home Theater and HiFi

I will be updating this post as more information is released for the players. At this time the only source of information about the upcoming players is available through Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity. You can find some photos and general information about the player by visiting the 2012 Cedia Expo Cave and looking at the bottom of Day 1. Chris Heinonen also made the following post on AVS Forum with some more details not contained in the Cave post.

Somehow I missed this yesterday morning, but it appears that Home Theater Review had already tweeted the existent of the BDP-10x series of players, and some of their specifications, yesterday morning.

Any information not included in these writeups, or not included by any other publication, is still under NDA. Please be aware that anyone with information about the players (Beta Testers, etc) can't divulge any information that OPPO themselves have not publicly discussed. If we can't answer your questions, please be patient. It is not like we do not like you (or maybe we really do not like you.

Like the BDP-9x series of players, most of the features of the players are going to be identical, so at this time there is no point in having two separate threads as not much information is available for these two players.

New or Enhanced BDP-103/105 Shared Features:
Latest generation QDEO which supports 4K upscaling
2x2 HDMI. Two HDMI inputs; Two HDMI outputs.
The Front HDMI input supports MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) which allows some of the newer smartphones to be connected direct to the player and transmits the phones screen to the television. This also allows for ROKU Stick support.
Newest Netflix interface which supports 1080p video, multi-channel audio, subtitle and alternative language selection, and Family Interface
Gracenote for looking up media information such as album art, artist, album, and track information for your CD, SACD, and user generated media
Backlit Eject buttons. No more thumbing around in the dark.
No more analog video. There is a "DIAG" port, but this is to only see the OPPO UI when there is no media playback. So for those of you who use a small monitor for media playback, you will need to upgrade to a DVI/HDMI capable display.

New BDP-105 Only Features:
Fanless (unlike the BDP-95)
Headphone Amplifier
Asynchronous USB DAC
Optical and Digital Coaxial Inputs
Properly oriented XLR outputs
Pricing and Release Dates are unknown.


 雖然家中小朋友很懂性從來不會亂攪家中器材,但因經常有聚會,大小朋友都不少,新喇叭沒有原裝面網,要加金屬網要加錢和訂貨時間更長,所以只好放棄。 為免悲劇發生還是做點防護措施保護新玩具,剛好用兩個紙箱造成三個小小保護罩,再貼上牆紙作遮醜,不算美觀但還可接受吧。